Bridget C. 

Positive Changes

I took the leap to Orangetheory last September. I have always enjoyed mild exercise (yoga, golf, hiking) but have never been interested in an intense workout that left me soaked in sweat! I found myself at the end of last summer having fallen off all of my exercise habits for over 18 months. My postmenopausal paunch was creeping in and my body was getting doughy. Everything I had read about battling these physical changes made it sound like a nearly impossible task to maintain a body I liked.

A friend and a niece encouraged me to give OTF a try and the day after my 57th birthday I showed up for my free trial. The switch flipped immediately. I felt energized, happy and keen to take my next class. I signed up for the twice weekly package but from the beginning I found I craved the class and attended three times a week. Six weeks in, I was showering and as I washed my shoulder I suddenly noticed new firm muscles that certainly were not there before! I noticed other changes in my body composition as well, but even more impactful was the glow of strength and wellness that was with me, almost a hum, that I just love.

"I now attend class every other day and I’m now seeing improvement in my cardiopulmonary efficiency in addition to continually improving muscle strength and tone."

I have come to love the push and all-out portions of the workout and keep a spreadsheet of my results to watch my progress! Ha! I’ve also become an evangelist to my friends and have four who want to join.

OTF has changed my life, my energy, my attitude!